LOLER Testing

LOLER Testing/Examination

We offer regular maintenance, examination and testing, throughout Cambridgeshire with certificates to meet LOLER Regulations.

Thorough Examination of Fork Lifts – LOLER 98

If you own of operate a forklift, you are required by law to ensure that it holds a report of thorough examination. This applies even to forklifts on hire.

LOLER Examination
As well as forklift trucks, a LOLER test/examination is required on ANY mechanical machine lifting a load, from a garage car lift to a tower crane.

Failure to comply can leave you open to prosecution ad could invalidate your insurance or much worse in the case of a serious accident arising from faulty equipment.

Fortunately, comprehensive national scheme has been introduced that complies fully with all current legislation and is supported by HSE.

About LOLER Testing

What is thorough examination?
LOLER Testing

The new national Thorough Examination procedure meets the requirements of both LOLER 98 and PUWER 98 legislation.

In many ways it is like an automotive MOT, but is much more rigorous. It is a legal requirement that applies to every forklift – including any that are just one year old.

Crucially, as an owner or user, you are responsible.

Remember, the new national Thorough Examination procedure can only be carried out by a competent person from an accredited company.

Companies accredited with LOLER are supported by HSE.

MJD Services are a LOLER accredited company.

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